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Expect the best from ourselves and each other

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Marryatville High School

Marryatville High School is an innovative and exciting school offering a diverse curriculum in a learning environment that promotes academic excellence and supports all students in reaching their potential. The wide range of specialist programs including a Music Program, an International Program, a Special Interest Tennis Program and an extensive Co-curricular Program makes Marryatville High School a dynamic educational environment which helps to develop well-rounded and engaged students. Marryatville High School is accredited by the Council of International Schools.

Our major challenge as a school community is to anticipate and meet the needs of future learners.  We have a vision for a future Marryatville High School, developed with key stakeholders, included in our Guiding Principles, to provide excellence in student-centred 21st Century Learning in a global context.  21st Century learners at Marryatville High School value personalised, student-centred learning, want to learn cooperatively and expect digitally rich pedagogy.  They want to represent their understandings in a variety of ways with 24/7 access to resources and support materials, expect trust and respect in a safe, secure learning environment that will enable them to become global citizens.  

Our Guiding Principles, embraced by our community, provide the framework for us to meet the needs of future learners. The Marryatville High School community is proud of its special programs, academic excellence, achievements, International outlook, extra-curricular activities and the natural environment in which the school stands. We are committed to achievement, inclusivity, diversity, well-being and collaboration. Our purpose is to:


  • research and apply strategies that create a positive, challenging and engaging learning culture.
  • provide the means by which our students can develop the pathway to achieve their goals.
  • pursue and create opportunities for students to become actively aware of cultural and international influences in their lives.
    develop and apply holistic strategies to support student wellbeing.
  • foster productive partnerships of the school with parents, students and the community.

In preparing 21st century learners for their place in the global community we will ensure that they:


  • have the motivation to learn, think creatively, critically and independently.
  • achieve their personal best
  • are actively involved in making informed decisions about their own learning and future pathways.
  • have the capacity to form positive and respectful working relationships.
  • avail themselves of the resources that assist in the development of the confidence and capabilities for entry into the broader community.
  • have an understanding and appreciation of diverse cultures throughout the world.
  • are supported in their learning through partnerships with parents and the community – both local and global.

Marryatville High School benefits from excellent community support with a number of industry partnerships and strong community alliances.  Members of the Governing Council work closely with staff and students to ensure that the school has a clear strategic focus on teaching and learning.  The Student Representative Council ensures that student voice is an important component of our decision-making.  The Old Scholars, Parents & Friends Committee, the Eden Park Gardening Group, the Sports Council and Friends of Music work enthusiastically to support our school.

Graduates leave Marryatville High School with an understanding of the value of life-long learning and the attributes required for being responsible members of society.

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