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2018 Year 08 Splash Carnival - Consent and Health Information

Consent Form

The 2018 Year 08 Splash Carnival will be held at the Norwood Swimming Centre, 32 Phillips Street, Kensington on Wednesday 28 February 2018 during Lessons 4 to 7. Details about the excursion are provided in the email sent home to Year 08 parents.

required = required

Section 1: Student Details

Section 2: Health Support Information

Please complete the following information so the instructors and school staff can plan for your child's safety in the water.

If you tick any of the boxes below the Swimming and Aquatic Instructors need a written health care plan form your child's doctor/treating health professional. This may be a copy of the information you have provided already to the school. IMPORTANT: failure to provide required medication will result in standard First Aid Manag

Section 3: Consent to take part in swimming and aquatics activities

Please ensure you click on "SUBMIT"

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