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Newsletter Issue 1 2021

From the Principal

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Stage 1 outdoor education Berry Bay surf camp



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School Sport SA Surfing Championships round 1




Principal's Report

I wish to extend a warm welcome to students, staff and our Marryatville High School community.   

Introduction of the new House system

It has been with great excitement, that our new house system has been launched.  We have 5 houses and students are already earning house points towards the coveted KARRA cup.  House points are awarded based on our KARRA values, sporting, co curricular and academic achievements.



The Pines replacement

The ‘old’ Pines building is scheduled for removal in the April school holidays and plans are well underway for a replacement building of 4 classrooms, 2 science labs, yr 12 study space and a teacher preparation area.  The new building is being designed to encapsulate the wonderful grounds at Eden Park and is due for completion by the end of this year.

Student leaders and SRC Induction

Congratulations to our student leaders and SRC elected students who were formally presented with their badges on Wednesday 24 February after enjoying breakfast with parents/caregivers.

Special congratulations to our student leaders:

School captains:
Boo Cole, Panae Parhas

Vice captains:
Karolyn Ferguson, Ollie King

International Captains:
Nien Huynh, Khanh Tran

Music Captains:
Claire McCann, Ethan Schembri

House Captains:
Audrey Jones, Rosie Ross, Ellie Venning, Hiyo Watanabe, Hayley Waterman

Intermediate Captains:
James Brunner, Diana Mirzaeva

Intermediate Vice Captains:
Mikeya Pillay, Mia Sander

Intermediate House Captains:
Alex Huynh, Kiran Johal, Ari Michael-Roubos, Annie Seiboth, Lily Scales


Student free days

The following are designated student free days where staff will be working on the curriculum review implementation for 2022:

Friday 5 March

Friday 11 June

Thursday 9 September

Friday 10 September (school closure for Show Day)


Reminder Morning drop off

We are continuing to work in consultation with the local Council to ensure that the school surrounds are safe for students, staff, parents and visitors.  To this end, please note the following:

  • as a general rule parents should not drive onto school grounds for the purposes of student pickups and drop offs
  • The Crescent Car Park is designated for staff parking only and now has boom gates installed
  • the best drop off/ pick up points are Alnwick Terrace or Kensington Road
  • take careful note of the on–street parking controls signs surrounding the school.

We are very keen to maintain positive relationships with our neighbours, we ask that you are mindful of this when driving or parking in the vicinity of the school.


John Tiver



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Welcome 2021

At Marryatville we are acutely aware that learning and wellbeing are closely linked and that young people with good wellbeing are more engaged and successful learners.  In line with this notion, 2021 is shaping up to be an exciting year for wellbeing at Marryatville. The creation of a renewed student house system aims to increase student connectedness and school spirit. Furthermore, there has been growth in student wellbeing support through the introduction of 3 student wellbeing hub’s, increasing human resources into both targeted student wellbeing support and inclusive education.

Additionally, this year will see the continuation of wellbeing programs including student mentoring, wellbeing education delivered through student life, year level activities including camps, inter-house competitions, awareness days, guest speakers and much more.

Renewed House System

In 2020, the student representative council and interested teachers, played a key role in the creation and implementation of a new house system at Marryatville High School. The house system organises all members of the school community into 1 of 5 houses. Each year level has 50 students per house divided into 2 homegroups. Students and teachers will stay in their houses throughout their time at Marryatville. 

The ideals behind the renewed house system included:

  • support the notion of ‘a big school small’ through the formation of mini communities
  • houses names, mottos and characteristics that better represent the Marryatville community
  • increase student connectedness and sense of belonging
  • improved leadership opportunities for students throughout year levels
  • positive reinforcement of the KARRA values that underpin everyday school life at Marryatville though house points
  • the inclusion and encouragement of participation and achievement in a variety of both formal and informal house activities that include sports day, house lunches, inter houses challenges, house days, music and many more
  • promotion of student voice, responsibility, teamwork and leadership skills.

The Marryatville Houses



The KARRA cup will be an annually awarded prize to the house that best displays Marryatville’s KARRA values. Throughout the school year students will be able to achieve house points by displaying the KARRA values through their everyday schooling. Additionally, participation in house events including sports day, charity events, informal house lunches, commitment to school initiatives such as sustainability and many more will all contribute points towards the KARRA cup.

Students who obtain house points will see these displayed on their individual DayMap profile. Also, all students can keep track of their house achievements through the live points tally on Course Hub (see below). At the conclusion of term 1 week 5, Tirntu was leading the way, with a very tight tussle for second place between Yarta, Kardla and Pari.



2021 Parent Information Evenings


With minimal COVID-19 restrictions in place, it was great to start the school year by welcoming families back on site to attend the year level parent information evenings. Each year level evening was hosted by year level and senior leaders, providing opportunity to hear information that directly impacts each year level throughout 2021. Many year level leaders also included a meet and greet prior to the event to provide opportunity for families to meet their young person’s home group teacher.

If you were unable to attend the night, a recording of each night can be accessed via the school website.


New Look Wellbeing Hubs


At Marryatville we understand that every individual’s wellbeing is vital and that the wellbeing needs of students changes dramatically as they journey through years 8 to 12. Throughout 2020 the student wellbeing team completed a review of Marryatville High Schools student wellbeing supports, processes and structures.

This review has led to 3 new student wellbeing hubs across Marryatville, a middle school hub for years 7/8, an intermediate hub for years 9/10 and seniors hub for years 11/12. It is the role of each hub to deliver targeted wellbeing support in the form of proactive year level and small group activities and programs, student wellbeing support and intermittent counselling and referral.


2021 Wellbeing Hubs

Seeking Assistance and Guidance


As parents/caregivers, it is important to regularly check in with your young person to see how they are feeling and focus on the positives of being back at school. Helping them develop routines is also important and assists in finding balance between study, social life, self-care and family time. If you do have concerns during what can be a trying time for all families, please connect with a member of the wellbeing team, your local GP, or other services available (see below).


If you young person is experiencing mental health and wellbeing issues, please refer to the following support services that are available.

  • Lifeline Australia 24hr crisis support on 13 11 14. Crisis support and mental health services.
  • Beyondblue Australian organisation provides information about depression to consumers, carers and health professionals.
  • Headspace provides support, information and assistance for young people aged 12 to 25 years who are experiencing emotional or mental health issues and/or a substance use issue.
  • Eheadspace is a confidential, free and secure space where young people 12 - 25 or their family can chat, email or speak on the phone with a qualified youth mental health professional.
  • Kids Helpline a 24-hour telephone and online counselling service for young people aged 5 to 25. Ph. 1800 55 1800


School TV 


"It’s never been more challenging for parents to raise happy, healthy and resilient children.”

SchoolTV is a new ongoing resource that will be made available to Marryatville High School families. The resource is designed to inform and support parents/caregivers on major issues that may occur when raising a young person in today’s society. Like never before, parents/caregivers need to be informed with clear, fact-based information on the many challenges faced by today’s youth. Topics such as youth anxiety, depression, self-harm, drug and alcohol use, cyberbullying and many others.

Each family will be able to access the SchoolTV website. Families will have access to multiple edition’s each addressing a major topic with expert interviews, fact sheets, parent quiz, recommended apps, books and much more. SchoolTV aggregates information from many great resources such as BeyondBlue and ReachOut, amongst others. SchoolTV provides a single stream of independent factual information that saves parents time and confusion of searching online across multiple sites for information.


Useful topics to begin 2021



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During week 5 (17 - 19 February), Ms. Flockhart’s year 11 outdoor education class went on a 3-day surfing camp at Corny Point. The team encountered challenges within the first hour as there was a problem with the hire bus. Once back on the road, everyone’s spirits were up while loudly singing songs from the back of the bus. Upon arrival at Corny Point, the group was met by 3 great surfing instructors, Squizzy, Janelle and Andy. Without missing a beat, the group was sent down to Berry Bay to begin surfing. To cool off, everyone went for a quick swim in the ocean and were surprisingly greeted by a large pod of dolphins swimming fearlessly close. Following the swim with dolphins, it was time to surf. After a quick brief on surfing techniques the eager surfers took off to the waves.

Camp life was made difficult by hot nights and bugs, however nothing could break the spirits of the team as everyone did their job to ensure that they were comfortable and having a good time. Day 2 was very hot and sun safety was as important as anything. Thanks to the brilliant advice of Squizzy, Janelle and Andy everyone greatly improved their surfing with some big waves being caught throughout the day. Despite a whole day of tiring surfing, everyone was excited and eager going into day 3. Having settled into camp life, night 2 was much easier as everyone played cricket while Ms. Flockhart and Mr. Roads set up a camp competition between 3 teams.

Day 3 was overcast and the surfing day was short as by 12pm everyone had to be on the bus to leave for home. Although tired, most of the group were disappointed to leave the last 3 days of camping, surfing and fun. The bus home was a lot quieter than 3 days earlier but you could hear small conversations of wanting to do this all over again.



By Ethan Mezzino

Year 11 Outdoor Education Student


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"Music is Life”



Three Marryatville students have been on stage at the Festival Theatre participating in the Adelaide Festival’s opera production of Benjamin Britten’s A Midsummer’s Night Dream.

Noah Byrne, Akane Mears, and Sarah Cusack, along with other members of the Young Adelaide Voices took the role of the fairies in the production based on Shakespeare’s play of the same name.  The roles required vocal agility and precision, along with acting ability and a high level of spatial awareness because of the amount of movement and stage craft envisaged by the director Neil Armfield.

The Chorus of Fairies adds vital atmosphere. Directed by Christie Anderson, their choreographed movements, voices and costumes are enchanting”.  Steve Evans, InDaily

Picture credit: Tony Lewis, Adelaide Festival 21


Introducing Marryatville’s all-girl band

Life After Lunch  is a year 10 pop/rock band.  It formed in 2020 (before Covid-19 hit) and has just celebrated its 2-year anniversary with its first outdoor gig at the Norwood Pool on the 12 February.  The all-girl group said that they: “had an amazing time and can’t wait to perform again!”  Band members:  Ellie Foulkes, Aaliyah Crafter, Trish Nguyen, Amelia Scales and Alyssa Shelton.



Music and Neuro-science

Over the last 25 years scientists have started to better understand how the brain works thanks to the invention of the Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI).  Studies now are proving the benefits of life long music study and participation.  This year the Music News will feature some amazing facts and scientific evidence of how the cognitive process of learning to read and play music enhances neural connectivity, synchronicity and efficiency, and how it improves cognitive and abstract thinking skills that are then applied to the study of many subject areas.

Music learning helps Numeracy

  • Music learning improves cognitive control. 1
  • Music learning enhances divergent thinking. 2
  • Music learning increases IQ score by an average of 7 points. 3
  • Music learning increases cognitive processing speeds. 4
  • Music learning improves numerical cognition. 5
  • Music learning reduces mathematical anxiety symptoms. 5
  • Music learning enhances the ability to switch tasks efficiently. 6


REFERENCES 1. Slevc, L. R., & Okada, B. M. (2015). Processing structure in language and music: A case for shared reliance on cognitive control. Psychonomic Bulletin & Review. 2. Gibson, C., Folley, B. S., & Park, S. (2009). Enhanced divergent thinking and creativity in musicians: A behavioral and near-infrared spectroscopy study. Brain and Cognition. 3. Schellenberg, E. G. (2004). Music lessons enhance IQ. Psychological Science. 4. Roden, I., Könen, T., Bongard, S., Frankenberg, E., Friedrich, E. K., & Kreutz, G. (2014). Effects of music training on attention, processing speed and cognitive music abilities. Applied Cognitive Psychology. 5. Rodriguez, I. A., do Nascimento, J. M., Voigt, M. F., & Dos Santos, F. H. (2019). Numeracy Musical Training for school children with low achievement in mathematics. Anales De Psicología/Annals of Psychology. 6. Zuk, J., Benjamin, C., Kenyon, A., & Gaab, N. (2014). Behavioral and neural correlates of executive functioning in musicians and non-musicians.



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Year 12 Marryatville High School student, Thi Phuong Hoa NGUYEN, has won a $15,000 scholarship to the International College of Hotel Management (ICHM).

Thi Phuong Hoa Nguyen was encouraged to apply for the scholarship because she developed an interest in the business aspects of hospitality after working part time at 3 restaurants/cafes in central Adelaide—Lemongrass Thai Bistro restaurant, Taste Baguette and Chopstix restaurant. She was 1 of 8 ICHM scholarship winners for 2021, with success based on a written submission and video presentation.

‘I have enjoyed meeting and interacting with customers and it has given me an interest in the business aspects of hospitality, hence the decision that I would like to pursue hospitality as my future career, ‘she says. 

Hoa joined ICHM in February, studying for the Bachelor of Business (Hospitality Management) and Master of International Hotel Management. The majority of ICHM graduates are now in 5-star hotels throughout Australia and overseas, many as general managers. Others have started their own entrepreneurial businesses and flourishing in fields such as marketing, project management, human resources and information technology. 



Lunar New Year 2021 – Year of the Ox

This year as part of our Lunar New Year celebrations which commenced on Friday 12 February, international office staff, international SRC as well as international ambassadors gave out complementary gift packs to Marryatville students as well as staff to celebrate the year of the ox.

As our international students were unable to return home to celebrate Lunar New Year with their families, each student received a care pack to, in some small way, help them to celebrate the coming of the new year.

Zhenmin Wang, one of the International Business Managers from International Education Services, visited Marryatville High School to give international students red envelope chocolate coin gifts.


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Other News


Co-curricular Update

After the disruption of 2020, our summer season is under way with boundless enthusiasm!

We have lots of girls’ volleyball teams, about 70 badminton players, tennis teams, boys and girls touch football sides gracing the fields on Greenhill Road, basketball teams and a young cricket team who are getting better week by week.

Whilst we are heading in to autumn shortly, nominations are already under way for the winter season! We are looking at fielding basketball, soccer, football, netball and more badminton teams. It’s great to see so many young people getting involved.


Last month, Archie Braithwaite, Melina Gaffey and Sam Killick represented the school in the State Schools Triathlon at West Lakes. Sam and Melina have been nominated for the state schools team. Well done!

Sports Day

With the new house system coming into existence this year, sports day will take on a new look. There has been a great build up with rivalries growing and interest in house songs, costumes and mascots becoming part of the day. This year we will be back at Athletics SA Stadium (formerly SANTOS) at Mile End. Parents are welcome, adhering to appropriate COVID protocols.


Steve Heard

Co-Curricular Co-Ordinator


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Pastoral Care Update

Hello everyone!

My name is David Dienes, and I'm the Pastoral Care Worker at Marryatville High School. I provide a chaplaincy service at Marryatville High School.

Pastoral Care Workers offer a unique dimension of care and support to all members of the school community. My role involves working alongside and complementing wellbeing staff at the school by role modeling and mentoring, social and emotional support, spiritual support, school engagement, community engagement, and extra-curricular contributions. I will do my best to encourage you, your students and the staff by providing practical ongoing support.

I am available via Student Services on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday and can be contacted or via email at

In the coming weeks and months, I’ll be using this section of the newsletter to post articles and insightful information to help you best support your child through high school.


Kind regards

David Dienes


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School Sport SA Surfing Championships round 1

On Monday March 1, 6 students from years 9-12 went to Middleton to participate in round 1 of the School Sport SA Surfing Championships. Year 9 students Gem London and Joel Flower competed in the U16 competition, while year 11 and 12 students Oliver Reilly and Jye Leis competed in the open competition. Euan Main and Kai Tucker (year 11 and 12) also came along to assist with scoring on the day. All boys represented MHS very well both in the water and out with all students volunteering to do extra scoring when the officials asked for volunteers. All the boys should be very proud of their efforts!

We now wait to participate in round 2 of the championships in term 2.


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