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CIS Accreditation

Council of International Schools (CIS) Accreditation


During Term 1, 2013 Marryatville High School was granted Candidate Status for CIS Re-Accreditation.  The Visitors acknowledged the many positive school features that supported the recommendation for re-accreditation candidacy.

The next stage on this process is the Self Study.


This is the most important stage of the whole process because we (the school community) have the knowledge to identify strong and less strong features and the power to continue to strengthen the former and improve the latter.


The Self-Study report needs to be finalized and sent to the Visiting Team members by late January 2014.  The Team Visit will occur from 8th March through to 14th March 2014.


As we, as a school community, move through this process we must keep in mind the three main areas of focus of the accreditation process


  • Student learning and well-being
  • The important role of the school’s Guiding Principles.
  • Fostering in students desirable traits related to internationalism and interculturalism.

The School has formed a Steering Committee to have oversight of this process and identified the significant tasks that need to be accomplished each term.  The first task is to conduct a survey that has been especially constructed for use with the CIS accreditation.  This survey is mandated and must be offered to all members of the school community.  This includes


  • Students
  • Faculty and Support Staff
  • Parents
  • Members of Governing Council
  • Former students


More information about the survey will be forth coming

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