Marryatville High School

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Online payments

Make payments on your smart phone or tablet

Introducing Qkr! (pronounced 'quicker'): the easy-to-use phone app that gives you the flexibility to make payments at a time and place that suits you. Qkr! can be used to make payments of any type (eg school fees, excursions, year books, etc). 


Click here to pay by Qkr! (web version)

Click here to pay by Qkr! app



Click here to access Qkr! instructions

Click here for Qkr! You Tube tutorial


A one time set up within the app of your student and payment details gives you easy future payment options.

Qkr! available from the App Store (for iPhone, iPad) or Google Play (for Android)


Make payments online using BPOINT

BPOINT is an online payment system developed to provide parents and caregivers with the option to make school payments over the internet, using Visa Card, Master Card or debit card.


  Click here to pay by BPOINT 


Click here to access BPOINT instructions