Marryatville High School

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Co-curricular programs

Marryatville High School has an extensive co-curricular program. The program includes an extensive range of sporting and cultural activities which offer opportunities for students to develop skills in an individual and team environment, as well as form relationships with teachers and students outside the classroom. While parental involvement is actively encouraged, skilled coaches are also employed to develop the abilities of students in these areas.






All students have access to over twenty high level ensembles in a variety of genres and styles.



Sport and competitions

Marryatville High School offers a range of sporting and competitive opportunities which challenge all students enrolling at the school.



Student activities

2019 year 09 aquatics camp

Please click on the link below to access information about the year 09 aquatics camp at the Murraylands aquatic centre.

2019 welcome letter >
2019 parent information letter >
2019 swimming and aquatics consent form >

2019 year 10 snow tour 

Please click on the link below to access details about the 2019 snow tour for year 10 students. 

2019 snow tour newsletter >
Student rules for travel groups camp/tours (overnight stay) > 


Student activities gallery

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