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Homestay and host families

As a leader in international education in South Australia, Marryatville High School regularly hosts students (and teachers) from other countries to learn at our school for a period of time. Many are here to practise their English language and our homes are a great and practical place to do this. Through our Sister School programs, our students also have the opportunity to visit other countries.

Being a homestay family means inviting a student to become a part of your family for the time they are here. For many students and families, this relationship can last well beyond the visit to Australia and, for some, it will lead to life-long friendships. Hosting a student from another country gives your family a wonderful opportunity to share cultures in your own home.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do we become a host family?
  2. How old are students and how long do they stay?
  3. What about the language barrier?
  4. What do these students need?
  5. Where do they come from?
  6. Will we be paid to host the students?

 Special requirements

A Department for Communities and Social Inclusion (DCSI) screening is mandatory for all members of the family over 18 years of age before a student can be placed in your home. A visit to your home must also be conducted by an accredited homestay officer. reporting Abuse and neglect (RAN) training must also be undertaken. These can be arranged for you.


More information

Detailed information can be obtained from the international office or the coordinator, languages and international tours at Marryatville High School.

Phone: 8304 8420