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Expect the best from ourselves and each other

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Student Expectations

  • Be punctual and prepared for lessons.
  • Work to the best of your ability.
  • Respect the rights of others to learn and teachers to teach.
  • Respect your own and others’ property.
  • Be responsible for your own behaviour.
  • Respect the rights of everyone to feel safe.
  • Wear the school uniform with pride.

Students are expected to follow instructions from staff at all times. The health and safety of everyone is a primary concern. Students are expected to behave in ways that support their own and others’ safety.


This means:


  • Violent or aggressive behaviour is not tolerated.
  • Avoid potentially dangerous forms of play.
  • Throwing objects in classrooms or in or near the school grounds is unacceptable. Ball games are permitted on the ovals but not The Flat.
  • Running or playing in school buildings or on verandas or stairways in unacceptable. Where possible, keep to the left in corridors and on the stairs.
  • Keep your bag in your own locker and don’t carry it around during the day time.
  • You can ride your bicycle to school, but walk with it in the school grounds.
  • Aerosols (eg deodorant or body spray) cause asthma for some people, so are not to be brought to school.
  • Use the pedestrian crossings to cross Portrush or Kensington Roads.

Some expectations are necessary to satisfy legal obligations.

They include:


  • If you arrive late, you need to sign in at Student Services. Show your home group teacher a note from your parent / caregiver the next day.
  • If you have to leave the school for any reason during the day, provide a note from your parent / caregiver to your home group teacher then show Student Services when you sign out. In an emergency it is sometimes possible to sign out with permission from the Principal, Deputy or Assistant Principal.
  • You must not be in possession of or associated with cigarettes, alcohol or illicit drugs during any school activities, on the way to and from school and while in school uniform. This includes not bringing matches or lighters to school.
  • Use email and internet appropriately, for school purposes, and within the law. Please note that the computing networks are subject to DECS filters.
  • You can be in classrooms out of lesson times only when a teacher is present, or with the written permission of the teacher responsible for that area.
  • In the yard, stay in supervised areas (see maps in classrooms).

Protect your own and other’s property

This includes:


  • Don’t lend expensive equipment, including bicycles, to other students.
  • Keep your property in your own locker.
  • You are responsible for the safekeeping of your mobile phone and other electronic devices.

Some expectations help maintain the positive learning environment and image of the school.

They include:


  • While in school uniform, you represent the school and are expected to behave accordingly.
  • Everyone is expected to arrive at school punctually by 8.30 ready to enter home group by 8.35.
  • Eden Park is for Senior students. It is a heritage area, which the school uses subject to special conditions.
  • You are expected to be organised, so that you don’t have to visit lockers other than before and after school, at recess and lunch.
  • You need to ensure mobile phones, music devices and other electronic devices are turned off and kept out of sight during lessons except by negotiation with the teacher. Don’t use phones to take videos or photographs at school without a teacher’s express permission.
  • Everyone is responsible for ensuring appropriate disposal of rubbish they create.
  • While in school uniform, you are expected not to congregate in nearby streets or park areas

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