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Our History

Established in 1976

Marryatville High School has a heritage which goes back to 1877 and is the modern day incarnation of Norwood Boys Technical High School and Kensington and Norwood Girls High School. Our history uses material provided by Sue Speck, the school historian, and provides images and text about Norwood Boys’ Technical School and Marryatville High School.

Our History

  • 1942 Mr Cliff Rooney appointed headmaster of Norwood Junior Technical High.
  • Mr Rooney negotiated purchase of land where school is now located.
  • 1944 land purchase of 20 acres completed – not including “Eden Park”.
  • 1950 work commences on workshop block.
  • 1953 classroom block (eastern end of main building) opened.
  • 1954 “The Stables” refurbished for library and canteen. Back playing fields graded, cricket nets and tennis courts made.
  • 1956 school declared class 1 boys Technical School. Front oval planted, wooden buildings brought in.
  • 1958 Mr Rooney appointed superintendent. Central and western wings begun.
  • 1961 Mr P B Hilbig appointed as headmaster. Official opening of the school in May.
  • 1964 Mr R M Macpherson appointed as headmaster.
  • 1965 Mr Norman Dowdy appointed as headmaster.
  • 1969 headmaster Dowdy retires. Mr G B Payne appointed.
  • 1974 renamed Marryatville Boys High School.
  • 1975 amalgamation with Kensington & Norwood Girls High School, Mr Glen McArthur appointed as new principal.
  • 1976 Special Interest music school opened.
  • 1977 girls move to Marryatville.
  • 1985 gym opened.
  • 1987 music tour to Europe.
  • 1990 music tour to Europe.
  • 1992 Ms Kate Castine appointed as principal.
  • 1993 Eden Park became campus for final year students.
  • 1994 new music suite opened.
  • 1996 Special Tennis program introduced.
  • 1998 first drama performance of the Werk collective.
  • 1999 overseas drama tour to Singapore.
  • 2001 overseas music tour to Europe.
  • 2002 SA Great winner for music.
  • 2002 shortlisted for Best Schools’ award in The Australian.
  • 2003 school internationally accredited by CIS & DECS. New tennis courts and year 8 classrooms completed.
  • 2004 Mr Mark Leahy appointed as principal. Music tour to UK and USA.
  • 2005 The Forge Marryatville High School performing arts centre opened.
  • 2006 30th anniversary of Marryatville High School, Baltic tour where choir wins 10th International Choir Festival Tallinn 2007 in Estonia.
  • 2007 tennis courts redeveloped.
  • 2014 H block opened.
  • 2014 new tennis courts developed.
  • 2016 student services building redeveloped.
  • 2017 Mr John Tiver appointed as principal.
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Marryatville High School is proud of its history for providing students with the skills and capabilities to become active global citizens.