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SHINE SA Workshop Follow Up

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SHINE SA follow up email Parent/Carer workshops

Hi Everyone,

Thank you to the parents and carers who attended our Marryatville High School parent/carer session held on Wednesday evening 22 June.  For those of you who could not make it – Jill from SHINE has kindly given permission for us to share the following resources and information with our entire school community.

It is an extensive list, – however, the most critical would be the Esafety Commissioner website.  If your time is limited this would be the website which you should save to favourites.



Talk Soon Talk Often

All great resources allowing you to consider the best approach for engaging your child or young person in conversations about sex and sexual health

Electronic access to discussion and chapters Home – Talk Soon Talk Often (

The eSafety Commissioner

This site is essential for everyone. Go to

It has sections especially for parentskids and young people, and a good video library.

The Key Issues section and The eSafety Guide | eSafety Commissioner are both excellent.

Scroll down any of the pages and you can Sign up to get the latest releases to your inbox. This alerts you to any new information that has been uploaded. Highly recommended.


Other Recommended Websites

Body talk

This site is managed by FPNSW and has some good information about bodies, puberty, and relationships. It also has a section on tips for talking to your children.

Get the facts

A good website from the Western Australian Government – covers a range of sexual health topics which you could explore with your child or young person. Text and videos available. 

The AMAZE website is an American resource which aims to make it easy to talk about sexual health topics. Has some good information and animated videos that encourage discussion about sex, the body and relationships.

Kids Help Line

Don’t be fooled by the name an essential site for all kids, teens, young adults, parents and school-based educators. Worth taking the time to explore this site and encouraging your children to be aware of it. Could engage in a shared activity on how best to use the site.

Planet Puberty

Planet Puberty is designed to help parents/carers of children with intellectual disability and autism navigate the journey through puberty. There are resources on this site that are suitable for all learners and a series of Podcasts that Parents/Carers may find useful.

Legal Services Commission of South Australia (

Provides access to legal services and advice. This site has some good fact sheets that are worth accessing.

Youth Law Australia

Youth Law Australia provides information about laws and other legal information in language suited to the general community, it aims to avoid lots of the legal jargon that can be confusing. (Note: at the top menu bar click on ‘showing laws for SA’)

Think You Know   

ThinkUKnow is an Internet safety site delivering interactive programs, clips and information to young people, parents/ carers and teachers. Good cyber safety site with reporting capacity for online abuse

It’s Time We talked  

Good for education about pornography. Has a section for parents and young people.

Keep It Real Online

A NZ government site to support parents and young people in relation to online behaviours. Good information regarding online bullying, pornography, and online safety. Provides some good videos to engage conversations.

The Light Project NZ

Another NZ site with lots of good information regarding pornography education. Uses Maori language and NZ colloquialisms in an easily navigated site to engage young people and inform Whanau (family).


Video clips – sample of videos used in the context of the program

Birds and the Bees – Parents Explain The Birds and the Bees Episode 1 All Kids – YouTube

Operation Ouch – Don’t Panic About Puberty!

The Hunting  Teaching Resources – Cyber Safety – The Hunting | SBS Learn

Wet Dreams – Wet Dreams – Nocturnal Emission   (From:

Consent it’s as simple as tea –

Consent for Kids –



SHINE SA | Sexual Health Information Networking & Education


SHINE SA Library and Resource Centre

SHINE SA has a free Library Service – anyone can become a member via our website. Books can be sent out to state schools via the Department for Education courier during term times or picked up from the Woodville SHINE SA site on Woodville Road.

The SHINE SA Library is open 9.00 am to 2.15 pm, Monday to Thursday but you may want to call ahead if you are going out of your way, just to double check that our Librarian will be there. Michelle is our Librarian and you can call her on (08) 8300 5312 or email: SHINESALIBRARY@SHINESA.ORG.AU

I have also attached a few of the handouts we looked at during the workshop, if you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact Ingred at the school or to make a visit to the SHINE SA library or website. The PDF of our Quick Guide to Menstrual Cycle & Periods can be found here.

Parents are also always welcome to contact SHINE SA Schools Team with questions or comments, on


Thank you again for your attendance at the workshop and for your commitment to this important area of learning for your child/ young person.  Enjoy the conversations and remember it is OK to say I don’t know but we can find out about that.

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